For the past year there’s been a special person I’ve worked closely with on my job.  We were one of only a few people who were working on confidential matters related to our company merging with another large organization.  So we were paid to keep secrets and it was fun having someone to talk to during these challenging times.

Her kindness towards me was displayed in very simple ways.  But my favorite was her warm hugs when I needed them.

~ Kindness Card #2 Giver – Dulles, VA

Day 17 Challenge – Love Love

I had a little eureka moment yesterday – there’s no monopoly on love.  We can ALL do it – no own owns it.  There are no patents on it.

Today, the love challenge is to love love.

Not love my love blog because it’s my creation.  Love love – wherever it originates from and whomever is embracing it and demonstrating it.




Day 16 Challenge – Be Cooperative

I admit – sometimes I’m difficult for no good reason.  I don’t mean to be difficult but I am stubborn and inflexible, even when it’s not helpful to be.

So, today’s love challenge is to be cooperative.  I will say YES to anything my spouse asks of me today.



Day 14 Challenge – Help thru a Crisis

Crises – we all have them. Maybe due to a mistake we’ve made or maybe just things outside of our control falling apart. We find ourselves needing to dig ourselves out of a tough spot when we’re in a crisis.  I know I find myself there and value having someone to help me see and think clearly and not panic.

So today’s love challenge is to help someone through a crisis.