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2 thoughts on “Encounters

  1. Alicia Y Anderson December 3, 2016 / 1:09 pm

    A friend posted this to FB and I wanted to share here to encourage others…

    Today at work, I was leaving the multi-purpose room with my students. We had just attended our quarterly Awards Day Program in which students receive various awards for their accomplishments. As I was walking down the hallway, I noticed a student in the first grade class in front of mine who was hitting himself in the head with both fists simultaneously. He had tears rolling down his face. I couldn’t look away. I couldn’t ignore what my eyes were seeing or what my heart was feeling. I told my class to stand in line and give me a moment (which ended up being much longer) ). I approached and wrapped my arm around this child’s shoulder and said, “Hey, honey don’t do that. Please don’t hit yourself in the head.” He continued. I guided him to a side hallway (as a kind colleague escorted my students along) and I kneeled down to his level while grabbing his hand and holding it in mine and asked, “Why are you sad? Why are you hitting yourself?” Sobbing, he responded with a strong, “Because I’m not good at nothing! I can’t do nothing good!” My heart felt every word he spoke. He actually believed what he was saying. 😢 I began to tell him, “I bet there’s something you’re good at. What do you enjoying doing?” His response; “Basketball.” So I said, “Well, I bet you’re good at basketball, right? He replies strongly; “No! I suck and I’m horrible at basketball!” 😢

    I started praying in my spirit asking God to give me what to say to encourage this precious child. What could I tell him he’s good at and I don’t even know his name??? I took a breath, thought for a moment, then trusted God to give me the next words to speak…which were;

    “Well, I can tell you something you’re good at. But first you have to hold your head up and look at me. I need to see your eyes. Look at me. (He looks up.) I can see that you’re good at being respectful and listening. You don’t even know me. Yet, you stopped and allowed me to talk to you. That’s showing respect. And you’re listening so well to my every word. Just look at you!” (His entire face changed expressions and his eyes were glued to mine…wide open.) I continued; “I can also tell that you have a huge heart…so I believe you’re good at loving others too.” (I paused so he could absorb what I was saying. I also wanted to clearly observe how he was receiving me and my words.) “Now, I don’t ever want to see you hitting yourself or saying you’re good at nothing…because I just told you two things you’re good at and I’m sure there’s lots more. Now do you mind if I give you a hug? Can I hug you?” (He shook his head and we embraced.) This little boy squeezed me so tight that his feelings were clearly felt! He had obviously received my words and expressions of care toward him. I released the hug while maintaining contact with both my hands on his shoulders. I looked him in his eyes and said, “You just confirmed to me that you’re good at loving others because that was the best hug you gave me filled with so much love!” (He then grabbed me and hugged me tightly “again”…on his own.) I then said; “I want you to give that love to others who may feel like they can’t do anything right like you once felt, okay?” (He nodded.) We exhanged a few more words and then I let him choose a treat out of my treasure box before walking him back to his classroom and telling his teacher a brief account of my time with him. That moment with that precious, smart, little person made my day! And I still don’t even know his name. (I literally LIVE for moments to give love to others.) ❤



  2. Sheila Sims December 9, 2016 / 4:50 pm

    As I was waiting in the drive-thru line at Caribou Coffee to get my fix of my new favorite, the Fa La Latte, my mind was focused on a varied host of topics (work, laundry, weekend plans, life in general) you know? I was also listening to the Tom Joyner morning show and Chris Paul was performing a spoof rap song with a Christmas theme entitled “Let My Chestnuts Roast”, (melody to “Let Me Clear My Throat” by DJ Kool), so I was also more than likely bopping and car dancing because hey, that’s what I do. I was vaguely aware of the vehicle in front of me, and did not pay it any special attention (I recall it being a burgundy SUV). The line slowly inched forward as each customer was served and went off in their predetermined destination and finally it was my turn. I had my card out all ready to pay. The young gentleman at the window repeated my order to make sure it was correct and then as I was about to hand him my card stated, “the lady in front of you paid for your order so you are good to go.” I am sitting there STUNNED. I look up quickly to try to acknowledge her kind gesture but she was already gone! If you ever have this happen to you you will understand how indescribable it is to put into words. There are beautiful people in the world who some might say are “angels” placed here to remind us of that beauty from time to time. I got my dose of that beauty today and I am going to share it with a stranger in an effort to keep the love flowing forward.


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