Kindness Cards

Coffee!!!!! – Card #23

The coffee machine at work was down (again) and instead of rant about it, my coworker Chris went and bought Starbucks for the coffee starved. That was kind!

Coming to work with people like this is a complete joy.

Need a Ride? – Card #25

It was maybe my 6th time being late for the last bus in 6 days when a kind neighbor named Miho pulled up along side me on her way to the best stop.  Hop in she said!

We had been neighbors for years and hadn’t said more than good morning to each other.  She would have been justified in speeding by without blinking but nope.  She stopped and even insisted I take her up on the offer.

And she didn’t stop there – the next day and the day after that she invited me to hop off the bus early and catch a ride home with her.

Her kindness has made me smile all week.  Thanks Miho!




This evening, I witnessed an act of kindness from a team of folks in Duck Donuts, Arlington, VA.

It was minutes before close, the line was out the door, they’d served 3000 customers.  The crew working this shift had been there since 2pm and 7+ hours later, they were still working hard.

It’s National Donut Day.

Call us procrastinators.  Desperate.  Or hopeful.

Although we were forewarned by a customer that no more donuts were being served, 10-12 of us stood in line, with puppy dog eyes, hoping for a miracle.

That’s when I saw it…

Someone (I assume the manager), came in with a few pizzas for the team, Ingrid poured in more donut batter and then the moment we all had been wishing for.. the manager announced they’d serve us latecomers!

And my new 8th grade friend, Alex, along with his brother Vic and friend Dennis captured it.





I have lots of mommy friends.  And all of us are super busy and stressed and overcommitted.

But this particular KIND MOM, gave the gift moms around the globe dream about.


That’s right.  No kids.  No laundry.  No, ‘mom, whats for dinner.’


No alarm clock.  No requirements.

Just good conversation.  Good food.  A whole lot of lounging around.  A ton of laughing.  A good amount of lightweight-competitive game playing.  All the things moms don’t get to do often.

Now, I can finally answer the question my son asked me last week.  Mom, do you ever have fun?

YES!!!!!!  In fact, I do!  (and yes, sleeping in counts as fun)

Thanks for opening your summer home to a few of us fellow moms.

A KIND RED HEAD – CARD #8Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 2.49.36 PMI caught you red handed red haired guy!

You were considerate of others behind you in the security line.  You grabbed extra bins when they had run out – not just a few for you but a whole stack of them.

You didn’t have to do that.  You weren’t part of the security staff.  But I noticed and that warmed my heart and made me want to do something nice for someone else.

Thanks for being the spark.

~ In SFO security check


My first west coast kind encounter!!!!

It happened in the tram at the San Francisco airport.  A man entered the tram, clearly frazzled and looking for help getting to his flight.  In desperation he asked the few of us gathered in the tram and one man took it upon himself to step in calmly ask the gentleman where he was trying to go.  He showed him the map and patiently found the destination for him.  He even advised him on the best way to get there (hop off and catch the next tram going in the opposite direction).

That was kind.

How many times have we found ourselves in a similar position and did nothing to help (like me) – stuck in my old world – focused on getting to the rental car pick-up.  This guy took the time to make it his business to help someone else.  I’m glad I caught him in the act.

~ Kudos to the San Francisco, CA caring guy at the airport


It was early in the morning (before 6am) but I caught you!

At Dulles airport this morning, a man in a yellow jacket and white hat was traveling with what appeared to be a group of family members.  There was a little boy in the group who drove his suitcase right through a set of lane dividers, knocking down one of the posts.

The momma in me wanted to say, ‘boy come back and pick that up’ in a less than kind tone.

But the man in the yellow jacket did the kind thing – he let the little boy continue walking with the group and he picked the pole up himself (and didnt even follow up with a mean look at the little boy).

That was kind.

~ Observed a kind family member being patient and merciful to a child in Dulles, VA


Don’t judge me.  Yes I still prefer a Taxi over Uber or Lyft.

Well this morning my cabby arrived quite promptly and waited patiently as I drug myself and all my stuff out of the house at 4:30 this morning.  He was pleasant and considerate – no attitude for having to sit out there in the dark wondering if this lady would ever emerge.

That was kind of him.

~ Appreciative (but tired) early morning traveler in Fairfax, VA


While her soon-to-be-wife did my twists (which are one of my favorite things in life right now), my friend was so supportive to both of us. On her Saturday morning, she watched TV with us, shared in conversation, ran errands for hair products and food – all the things I would slept in late to avoid on a Saturday morning.

She showed such patience and selflessness by serving us. Thanks Amanda!

~ Kind soul in Hyattsville, MD


In the DMV I’m used to the every-driver-for-himself, road-rage-is-normal mentality so when this kind lady let me get in front of her then turned into the same day cleaners I was going to I had to give her card #3.

That was kind.  Especially given the truck about to ram her in the back for letting me in.

~ Happy to have met a kind driver in Vienna, VA 


For the past year there’s been a special person I’ve worked closely with on my job.  We were one of only a few people who were working on confidential matters related to our company merging with another large organization.  So we were paid to keep secrets and it was fun having someone to talk to during these challenging times.

Her kindness towards me was displayed in very simple ways.  But my favorite was her warm hugs when I needed them.

~ Kindness Card #2 Giver – Dulles, VA


I had the privilege of giving out the first Kindness Card today.  Here’s the back story.

My stove had recently died (I will spare you the details) and literally days later this is the email a kind neighbor sent to our neighborhood distro:

We are getting a new slide-in range and this one will be removed tomorrow.

Our microwave and dishwasher have died in the last six months and we will put the refrigerator in the basement so we were getting all 4 kitchen appliances replaced, so they match.

This is a 2002 GE Profile Electric cooktop with a convection oven. (Sorry, I don’t know the model number but probably have the booklet somewhere.) We have had no problems with it. There is some discoloration between the oven glass panes from a pressure cooker that boiled over.

The oven will be removed between 11-3 tomorrow, 3/28.

I may put it on Free cycle tonight if no one in the neighborhood needs it.

Let me know if anyone can use it.

How could she have known?  She couldn’t have – she was just being generous.  Now every time I cook I smile (not because I enjoy cooking) but I’m reminded of the kindness of a stranger and that warms my heart.

~ Kindness Card #1 Giver  – Fairfax, VA

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