Sweet! – Card #2

This evening, I witnessed an act of kindness from a team of folks in Duck Donuts, Arlington, VA.

It was minutes before close, the line was out the door, they’d served 3000 customers.  The crew working this shift had been there since 2pm and 7+ hours later, they were still working hard.

It’s National Donut Day.

Call us procrastinators.  Desperate.  Or hopeful.

Although we were forewarned by a customer that no more donuts were being served, 10-12 of us stood in line, with puppy dog eyes, hoping for a miracle.

That’s when I saw it…

Someone (I assume the manager), came in with a few pizzas for the team, Ingrid poured in more donut batter and then the moment we all had been wishing for.. the manager announced they’d serve us latecomers!

And my new 8th grade friend, Alex, along with his brother Vic and friend Dennis captured it.




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