My first west coast kind encounter!!!!

It happened in the tram at the San Francisco airport.  A man entered the tram, clearly frazzled and looking for help getting to his flight.  In desperation he asked the few of us gathered in the tram and one man took it upon himself to step in calmly ask the gentleman where he was trying to go.  He showed him the map and patiently found the destination for him.  He even advised him on the best way to get there (hop off and catch the next tram going in the opposite direction).

That was kind.

How many times have we found ourselves in a similar position and did nothing to help (like me) – stuck in my old world – focused on getting to the rental car pick-up.  This guy took the time to make it his business to help someone else.  I’m glad I caught him in the act.

~ Kudos to the San Francisco, CA caring guy at the airport

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